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Poster: Musicman1257 Date: Jun 6, 2021 7:12pm
Forum: audio Subject: Philadelphia PA Artist Song Hell Needed

Hello Alll

I live in the Philly area and am a big fan of our local bands.

Back in the 90s I used to listen to and tape his show called FM Audition on WRDV-FM in the Philly suburbs. The show features original talent from the Lehigh and Delaware Valley.

Now years later I happened to come across those tapes again and there’s a few songs I can’t identify through google lyric searches or Shazam.

The host of the show (who still does it today) does not remember the songs unfortunately.

Below are YouTube links to 2 short song clips. Again these were recorded in the 90s and would be Lehigh Valley or Delaware Valley area artists.

Can you please give them a quick listen and let me know if any of them sound familiar? I’ve asked a lot of local folks about these and no one seems to recognize them.

Please note that these are safe, legitimate links and not a spam attempt. They are on my personal YouTube channel and each have over 350 views.

(female vocal - might be called “This Desire In Me”)

(Was told this was by an artist called Supermarket and my be titled “From The Sun The Sixth” - spacey rock about the planet Saturn).

Thank you for your time.


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Poster: Lisa Gluskin Date: Jun 9, 2021 1:54am
Forum: audio Subject: Re: Philadelphia PA Artist Song HelP Needed

I'm not from the area, can't help (can't hell either :))
If they're local groups that never made it big, it's unlikely you'll find their lyrics online.
Why don't you try looking for Facebook groups about that radio program. Maybe they'll let you post the clips and a member will recognize the songs.
Also look for other FB groups about the area. People reminisce a lot and might remember the singers, group, or even if they played at a club.